Keke Palmer talks ‘rude awakening’ amid Darius Jackson abuse case

Keke Palmer had a reality check about misogyny.

Two weeks after Palmer, 30, was granted a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson, she is reflecting on learning the hard way how women are really treated.

On Tuesday’s episode of her Baby, This is Keke Palmer podcast, the actress and singer opened up to her mother, Sharon Palmer, about how her upbringing did not prepare her for the blatant misogyny that she would go on to face in the real world.

“So misogyny came at me hard and quick, with the quickness,” she admitted

“I grew up in a house where my mom would say, ‘This is what it needs to be.’ And [my father] Larry would be like, ‘Ok, Sharon. Go on ahead, Sharon,” the Nope actress recalled.

“So, for me, when I entered outside of my household and I saw that everybody doesn’t really respect their wives or even women in the way that my dad respects my mom, it [was] a pretty rude awakening,” she admitted.

In mid November, Palmer alleged abuse at the hands of Jackson, with pictures and videos of Jackson relentlessly attacking Palmer making rounds on the internet. 


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