Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle make it ‘very difficult’ for King Charles to rule

King Charles has reportedly been finding it difficult to manage the monarchy with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle out of the circuit.

Coupled with the pair’s explosive claims against the royal family, royal commentator Gareth Russell spoke to GB News and revealed that King Charles hoped to welcome back the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after announcing their departure as the monarch aimed for a slimmer monarchy. 

“Buckingham Palace could not have been any more clear than the initial announcement in 2020 of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex leaving, that the royal household would be quite willing or quite eager to have the Duke and Duchess of Sussex back at some time in the future.”

However, since the couple’s problematic statements, Prince Harry’s father has found it increasingly difficult to consider the possibility to welcome the couple back. 

“In 2020, it was still very much then-Prince Charles’s hope that one day, his younger son and his daughter-in-law would want to come back to work again.”

Russell added: “Unfortunately what has happened in the two or three years since that announcement has made it very difficult.”


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