Meghan Markle to benefit greatly after major miss in Dior deal

Meghan Markle may reportedly still benefit from luxury fashion house Dior after it emerged that the Duchess of Sussex was not offered a deal amid conflicting reports claiming that the two were set for a collaboration.

According to PR expert Matt Yanofsky, while speaking to The Mirror, the Duchess of Sussex can still capitalise from the absence of a deal through the direct press coverage that resulted from reports of The Crown actress Meg Bellamy’s reported deal with Dior. 

“This works for Meghan because since there’s a royal connection, she will get just as much coverage as she would if she had become the face of Dior. Arguably it’s less risky for her because if she failed as a spokeswoman she would be banned from fashion.” 

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Bellamy, who essays the role of Kate Middleton in the fictional drama, was reportedly set to join the likes of Rihanna and Johnny Depp to be their face.  

Reports of her deal came after it emerged that Markle, who has been a longstanding fan of Dior, was reportedly in talks with the French brand, which was later confirmed to be false.

Not only this, following the roaring success of The Crown a source told Daily Mail that demand for the actress shot up with major labels looking to have her on board.  

“They have been queuing up for Meg, she is playing the most famous woman in the world in a globally famous television drama, so many labels and brands want some of that.”

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“She is a total unknown, but she is being treated like Kate, an A-list princess,” the source said.


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