Princess Eugenie reflects on the adverse effects of growing up in the Royal Family

Princess Eugenie revealed the real reason behind her decision to move to Portugal with her husband Jack Brooksbank.

During an appearance on the Table Manners podcast, the royal reflected on the media scrutiny she faced over her physical appearance during her time in Britain.

Eugenie revealed that the negative remarks on her outfits or ‘tired’ facial expressions “definitely has caused a couple of issues,” prompting her to fixate on “having to look a certain way”.

“I guess everybody has that if you’re in the public eye,” the mom of two noted. “I guess within our family, it happens at that perfect age where you’re, you know, 13 years old and you’ve got that dorky bowl haircut and you’re a bit chubby and you know, all the boys are bullying you and all that kind of stuff.”

She went on to herald her decision to move to South Europe with Brooksbank and their two kids, sons August and Ernest. “This is why Portugal is the dream because I can go to the supermarket in my exercise gear and my hair piled on my head and not mind,” Eugenie joked. “No one cares.”


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