Ananya Pandey turns back on body-shaming trolls

Ananya Pandey opened up about how she deals with unnecessary hate and negative comments on social media. 

The actress, who recently graced the cover of Elle India, revealed that her school life was the most difficult period as she was constantly bullied because of her weight and height.

“I still feel insecure about my body, and it’s always different—sometimes, it is sparked by a comment somebody made about your body and other times, it’s just how you feel about yourself on a particular day,” she stated.

In conversation with the magazine, Ananya shared that she has been unfollowing and muting people for the sake of her peace of mind. 

The actress shared that there is a constant overload of information on social media, which will impact you negatively. 

“It slowly creeps up on you, and that negativity starts building up. Which is why I’ve started muting and unfollowing pages that make me feel anxious, sad or unhappy in any way — I have grown quite ruthless,” the Dream Girl 2 star said.

The Student of the Year actress further shared that she often spends time alone to re-gain her energy.

“Spending time alone helps me because I’m constantly surrounded by people, advice and opinions. There’s a lot of background noise, so spending time by myself and listening to my own voice is what calms me down,” Ananya said. 


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