Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s royal exit risked the end of the monarchy

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s unprecedented exit from the Royal Family risked dire consequences for the monarchy.

Speaking to Newsweek, Jonathan Pryce, who plays Prince Phillip in The Crown, and is often presented as the voice of royal protocol, reflected on the past few events that took place among the royals, calling them “unfortunate.”

He also stressed the importance of rules in the institution of monarchy, without which it could approach its untimely demise, according to Pryce.

“It is unfortunate that a series of events, recent events with Harry and with William… there have been a series of unfortunate events shall we say, and they’re played out against the background of this protocol,” he said.

The Crown star also pointed out Princess Diana, as well as name-dropped Prince Andrew for “stepping beyond the bounds of protocol,” ultimately losing his status and home.

“It’s a way that they’ve found to exist. They have rules, if you bend the rules where’s it going to stop? And it will stop with the disintegration of the royal family. I mean, they exist because of their protocol. Their established protocol,” Pryce noted. 


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