King Charles ‘incapable’ of being a ‘progressive monarch’

King Charles has been warned of being at risk of being seen as too prehistoric. 

According to The Daily Beast columnist Clive Irving, the monarch’s coronation ceremony consisting of historic rituals including references to the Middle Ages, like the use of an orb, a sword and a sceptre gave rise to concern over King Charles’ image. 

As per the Irving, the continued use of tradition could become problematic for him as the columnist argued that the monarch still had the ’20th century’ instilled into him elaborating that it included “rituals, the hangers-on and family members riding in the same bandwagon”. 

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“I’ve been surprised by the lack of any sign that he’s going to get to grips with the scale of the monarchy – the size of it – and that relates to the cost of it,” he explained.

“In the past, he has said that he was going to deal with it in a more contemporary, realistic way and make it fit for purpose for this century.”

Irving went on to warn that King Charles’ approach was not ‘instinctively progressive’ and concluded that he likely did not have it in him to be one either.   

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He continued: “I don’t buy this thing that he’s instinctively progressive. He makes a few gestures, but he’s certainly not a progressive monarch, and I don’t think he’s even capable of being a progressive monarch.”


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