Katie Price’s mum Amy gives health update: ‘up and down’

Katie Price’s mum Amy provides health update after life-saving lung transplant last year.

Diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in 2017, Amy, 71, acknowledges setbacks in recovery but expresses determination to move forward through exercise.

She admitted she has had ‘quite a few setbacks’ during her recovery and things are still ‘up and down’.

Amy told the Daily Star: ‘It’s a slow process and it’s taken a while. I’ve had quite a few setbacks but that’s to be expected but I’m in the right direction.

‘The trouble is when you have a lung transplant it’s so easy to sit because you still get a bit breathless but if I don’t exercise, I won’t move forward.

‘I had a single lung transplant but it would cease up so I’ve got to exercise to get it working.’

Earlier this year Katie helped launch a hard-hitting campaign for Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month following her mum, Amy’s ‘devastating’ diagnosis.

The mother and daughter are now showing full support to the APF’s You Can’t See What’s Killing Me campaign.


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