King Charles warned against inviting Harry, and Meghan to Royal family events

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle failed to get back in the good books of the Royal Family despite their consistent efforts.

BBC first reported earlier this week that the Duke of Sussex was going to ring his father King Charles on his 75th birthday on Tuesday, Nov. 14.

Details of the alleged phone call were then made public by The Telegraph, despite an emphasis that the conversation was ought to be private.

Writing for the Daily Mail, royal commentator Richard Eden expressed that the duke’s latest “breach of privacy” did nothing in his favor; instead, it “may have heightened the suspicion” of the Royal Family over his and Meghan Markle’s inability to keep things private.

“The fact that details of a private conversation were published so quickly might serve as a warning ahead of any possible future invitations,” Eden shared.

He went on to note, “One of the major factors preventing the two privacy campaigners from resuming friendly relations with the Windsors is their refusal to respect other people’s expectation of privacy.”

According to The Telegraph, Charles enjoyed a “warm” conversation with the Sussexes on the eve of his birthday, and his grandchildren Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet even recorded a video of themselves singing their grandfather a happy birthday.

“While it’s a good thing if the King’s relationship with his son is improving, it’s clear that Harry and Meghan are not welcome at family events,” Eden added. 


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