Bigg Boss 17

Just earlier this week, Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain had a massive showdown after the latter was shifted to a different room away from the actress. However, now it seems that all might get well between the popular couple since Ankita is expected to be showcasing signs of pregnancy. Many housemates too seem to have noticed the same and adding further to their speculation, Ankita also confessed taking a blood test and urine test to know about her health status.

In a clip, which has found its way on social media, Ankita Lokhande was seen speaking to Vicky Jain about what she is undergoing health-wise, wherein she confessed that she hasn’t got her periods as yet. “Main thak gayi hu mentally. Main sach mein thak gayi hu. Mereko lagraha hai main bimar hun. Mereko feeling arahi hai andar se.  I am not well. Mere periods ni arahe. Mujhe ghar jana hai. (I am tired mentally, really! I think I am unwell because I can feel it. I haven’t got my periods as yet. I want to go home)”.

While Vicky tried to make her understand, she continued, “Pagal nahi hu main. Mereko itna pata hai mai kya bolrhi hu. Blood test hua hai mera, pregnancy ke liye. Kuch hai to nahi andar. Aaj reports nahi aaye uske baad urine test hua hai mera. Main upar neeche horhi hu. Cheeze upar neecha horhi hain. Mereko kuch to horaha hai na. (I am not mad. I know what I am saying. I have just taken a blood test now for pregnancy. I don’t think anything is there inside. Haven’t got the reports as yet and I have taken a urine test too. I feel like body has turned upside down. Plus a lot of things are not happening. But I am sure that something is happening to me).”

Another clip which is going viral on social media is a conversation which Ankita had with co-contestants Rinku Dhawan and Jigna Vora. In the video, Ankita is seen telling them about how she feels nauseous almost every evening and went on to add that she has been craving certain kinds of food, especially something sour. Rinku and Jigna reacted to theses statements, further telling her about a ‘good news’ being on the way.

Speaking about the show, Bigg Boss 17 airs from Monday to Friday at 10 pm as well as on Saturdays and Sundays at 10 pm.


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