Prince Harry crushes King Charles hopes

King Charles is holding out a rather far-reaching hope for his 75th birthday.

Writing for Fox News, royal author Neil Sean revealed the monarch secretly hoped that Prince Harry would back down from feud to attend his milestone birthday celebrations today.

The Duke of Sussex previously relayed via his spokesperson that he hadn’t received an invite to join the members of the Royal Family at Clarence House on Nov. 14.

Moreover, Harry has consistently doubled down on his demand of a public apology in exchange for his return to the UK.

And despite the King pleading his youngest son to “please don’t make my final years unpleasant or difficult ones,” the duke and his wife, Meghan Markle left no stone unturned to do everything but.

“He had hoped that his troublesome youngest son Prince Harry may have relented and, at least on such a landmark birthday, decided to return to his birthplace, the United Kingdom, to celebrate such a birthday alongside senior members of the British monarchy. However, it wasn’t to be,” Sean wrote.

Though the royal expert noted that the Sussexes “do plan at least to send private good wishes to his Majesty, the King, alongside a card from his grandchildren, Prince Archie and Princess Lily.”


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