Prince William, Kate Middleton teach ‘bitter’ lesson to Harry, Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly struggling to come to terms with Prince William and Princess Kate’s popularity in the US.

Speaking to Fabulous, Sarah Hewson, royal editor of Talk TV, reflected on the Prince and Princess of Wales’ soaring popularity in America, despite the Sussexes’ consistent attempts to tarnish their image.

The Suits alum, in particular, is said to be grappling with the idea of the royals’ takeover on her “turf.”

“With Kate and William’s popularity soaring [in America], there must be a sense of this is ‘my turf’ and [Meghan] is struggling with understanding why she is so unpopular,” shared Hewson.

The parents of Prince Archie have had a fair share of blows since pulling up stakes and starting over in the States nearly four years ago.

The popularity of the former royals drastically plummeted after their Spotify deal was terminated earlier this year.

They haven’t had any significant project come out this year, despite their multi-million-dollar deal with Netflix as well as Meghan’s current partnership with WME.

“Are her and Harry now too toxic to work with? It will be interesting to see where her talent agents take her next, and I know there is talk of a book, but I think she is really grappling with what she will do next,” Hewson affirmed.

She added: “I think Meghan and Harry are learning the hard way that if you are not part of the royal family, then you are a celebrity.

“And being a celebrity is fickle business and you are out of favour as quickly as you are in it.”


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