Usher talks about taking care of child with diabetes: ‘Complicated

Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster’s life went upside down when the parents learned that their 15-year-old eldest child, Usher Raymond V, had Type 1 diabetes years prior.

“From the moment that Type 1 diabetes was a conversation, it was a re-acclimation to life. The life that we knew changed,” the 45-year-old Grammy winner describes the chronic illness that frequently necessitates insulin shots to assist maintain normal blood sugar levels since the pancreas is unable to create enough insulin for the body.

“It comes with a great deal of consideration and commitment in itself because we’re all managing to make certain that my child makes the right decisions to have a happy, healthy life.”

Raymond and Foster, who divorced in 2009, must work together to stay on top of the illness, and the celebrity acknowledges that this is something they both strive to do well.

“The breeding ground of disaster is lack of communication,” he says. “You honestly have to find the means and the ability to have mutual parties.” For him and Foster, “our [kid’s] endocrinologist is a mutual ground.”

Still, says the star, “It’s been a task. It is very complicated because kids, by the way, will find a way to work you against each other. You have to be mindful of what you say and that they’re always listening and greater than that. They’re always watching.”


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