Brook Shields embraces natural ageing: ‘I don’t want to not look like myself

Brooke Shields is choosing to age naturally.

Shields, 58, shared her thoughts on ageing and the prevalence of cosmetic procedures with Glamour, which named her the Woman of the Year for 2023, as she talked about her legendary life and career.

The Pretty Baby star confessed that while cosmetic procedures can be a good thing for some women, she has sworn off injectables because they make her look unrecognizable.

“I am all for any of it if it is truly done for yourself, for the right reasons, and gives you a level of some kind of confidence that you need,” she shared her thoughts.

However, the Endless Love actress mused that “it’s easy to go down the slope of overdoing it,” noting that in 2023, “there’s more and more plastic surgery than ever.”

The reason for this growing trend, Shields reflected, is that everyone is “chasing youth.”

But Shields noted, “I don’t want to chase youth. I want to chase now.”

The Now What? With Brooke Shields podcast host continued that though she’s had Botox previously, she would always “end up with this Spock eye” and would generally not be able to recognise herself.

“I’ll get Fraxels, and peels, and whatever the newest thing is, and I’ll try it,” Shields admitted. “I just don’t want to not like myself.” 


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