Everybody is benefiting from using Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s hilarious spoof has been branded “tasteless and unfunny” by a royal commentator, saying everyone is benefiting from using the couple.

Family Guy’s clip brutally mocked the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their lucrative Netflix deal and other sponsorships. The sketch caused a stir, with one commentator blasted the move calling it “tasteless and unfunny”.

The comedy show savaged the US-based couple with a spoof, saying that the couple received millions for “no one knows what”.

In the clip, Meghan is heard telling Harry: “Babe, time to do our daily $250,000 sponsored Instagram post for Del Taco.” 

The Duke’s spoof, in an apparent swipe at the royal family, replies: “I shouldn’t have left the made-up nonsense”.

The spoof has triggered a debate on social media as some are making fun of the couple, while few others are condemned the act and asking King Charles to intervene.

Sharing her thoughts on the spoof, showbiz reporter Stephanie Takyi told GB News: “This is just a continuation of the mocking the Sussexes, Harry and Meghan. We saw it on South Park earlier this year, and now it is time for Family Guy to have their turn.”

The commentator went on expressing her feeling about the move, saying: “I found this clip quite tasteless and unfunny… there has been this breeding ground of trying to build toxicity against Prince Harry and Meghan for their choice to leave the Royal Family.

“They have said they no longer want to use the British taxpayers’ money to fund their lifestyle, I don’t who would turn down a rumoured £77milllion from Netflix to set out your side of the story.”

Stephanie Takyi did not hesitate to express the truth, saying: “Everybody is benefiting from using Harry and Meghan, whether it is magazines, books or talk shows. It’s okay for everyone else to use them and slate them, but when they want to do their own projects they come under scrutiny.”

However, some other commentators, including Michael Cole, termed the sketch very funny and entreating.


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