Britney Spears fans force Justin Timberlake, wife Jessica Biel into hiding

Britney Spears recently revealed in her memoir, ‘The Woman In Me,’ that Justin Timberlake cheated on her with a famous unnamed woman

Britney Spears put a target on ex Justin Timberlake’s current wife, Jessica Biel, in light of her recently-released memoir, The Woman In Me.

After forcing the NSYNC frontman to turn off his own Instagram comments on Thursday, the Britney Army took their pitchforks and torches to Biel’s account.

Page Six noted on Friday that, as a result, Biel resorted to limiting her own Instagram comments as well.

“How can you still be married to a man who destroyed [their] ex-girlfriend’s psychological well-being?” wrote one user.

“Sad you want to just dismiss someone’s past traumas,” admonished another.

“Girl run. You deserve better. WAY BETTER,” another concerned fan urged.

Britney Spears fans force Justin Timberlake, wife Jessica Biel into hiding

The comments come after Spears’ bombshell revelations in her tell-all memoir released Tuesday in which she made some shocking revelations about her long-time ex, including that he cheated on her and forced her to have an abortion.

Notably, the memoir’s release week overlapped with Biel and Timberlake’s 11th wedding anniversary.

The Princess of Pop clarified to her fans on Instagram last week that she didn’t mean to “offend anyone” with her revelations, and only wanted to tell her side of the story of her and Timberlake’s early 2000s relationship.

But as Timberlake took his time to respond to the allegations, impatient fans flooded his social media with hateful comments, per Page Six.

However, now as his wife is faced with the same circumstances, some fans rushed to her defense.

“Omg stop attacking [Justin’s] wife!!! She didn’t do anything leave Jessica alone!” one user urged. 


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