Princess Kate, Prince William face off against Royal Family for George

The Royal Family might be anticipating a major break in the royal tradition ahead of Prince George’s higher studies.

Princess Kate was previously reported to have given into the long-standing tradition of male royals attending all-boys boarding institute of Eton following Prince William’s persistence.

However, things seem to have taken a turn after Kate’s top-secret visit to her alma-mater, Marlborough College, raising speculations that the Waleses might send their eldest son there.

With this move, the princess will be breaking 1095-year King Charles rule, making George the “first ever King” to attend a co-ed school.

In her column for, Daniela Elser explained, “traditionally, heirs to the throne got about as much education as your average third-grader,” noting Charles was the “first monarch to have actually even gone to school.”

“If George is signed on to be a member of the class of 2031 he will be the first sovereign in the 956 years since Normans showed the Saxons what-for to be educated alongside not only boys but girls and maybe even non-binary teens,” she shared.

“It would be a small step for a 13-year-old with an incipient fight on his hands with acne but a major step for the monarchy.”

The royal author heralded William and Kate for showing “every sign of wanting to raise their future King son in a wholly new way to every other future heir.”

Elser added: “The hope now is that they will continue this somewhat insubordinate approach to their childrens’ education.”


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