Britney Spears fondly discusses ‘mentor’ Madonna in new memoir ‘The Woman In Me’

Britney Spears and Madonna have shared the stage and a recording studio countless times over their decades-long careers

Britney Spears namedropped Madonna in her explosive memoir, The Woman In Me.

Luckily for Madonna, 65, Spears, 41, had nothing but positive things to say about her, recalling the many lessons she learned from the older singer throughout their countless musical collaborations over the decades.

Of these collaborations, the Princess of Pop recalled one of her most career-defining performances with Madonna (along with Christina Aguilera) at the 2003 VMAs, referring specifically to their infamous kiss that was seen ‘round the world.

Though the pair only air-kissed in rehearsals, the Toxic songstress wanted to inspire the same reaction as her iconic Oops I Did It Again VMAs performance three years earlier, so she decided only two minutes before the performance to “just go for it.”

Luckily for Spears, the risk paid off, becoming “a huge cultural moment” since.

Spears further detailed the many life lessons Madonna bestowed on her, including toning down her people-pleasing tendencies, noting that “[Madonna] demanded power, and so she got power.”

Praising Madonna’s “supreme confidence,” Spears noted, “I needed a little guidance at that time. I was confused about my life.”

Luckily for Spears, Madonna acted as her “mentor,” having most recently expressed in September that she was always willing to extend “love, guidance, and support” to Spears, per Star.


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