Britney Spears addresses tumultuous relationship with sister Jamie Lynn in explosive memoir

Britney Spears has recently addressed her disturbing relationship with Jamie Lynn in her memoir, The Woman In Me.

In an excerpt shared by PEOPLE from her explosive memoir, Britney talked about her sister with whom she had feud for years and then had reconciliation in recent times.

The singer writes, “Jamie will always be my sister, and I love her and her beautiful family. I’m working to feel more compassion than anger toward her, and everyone who I feel has wronged me. It’s not that easy.”

Britney pointed out that her younger sister “ruled the roost at their home in Kentwood, Louisiana, leaving the singer feeling like a ghost child to her parents Jamie and Lynne”.

“I can remember walking into the room and feeling like no one even saw me. Jamie Lynn only saw the TV. My mother, who at one time had been the person I was closest to in the world, was on another planet… I’d listen to her spew these hateful words, and I’d turn to my mother and say, ‘Are you going to let this little witch talk to you like that?’ I mean, she was bad.”

Britney also revealed that her sister did nothing to help her during her 13-year conservatorship. However, she texted Jamie when she was placed in a mental health facility back in 2018.

The singer claimed Jamie replied, “Stop fighting it… There’s nothing you can do about it, so stop fighting it.”

Britney stated in the memoir, “This will sound crazy, but I’ll say it again because it’s the truth: I thought they were going to try to kill me. I didn’t understand how Jamie Lynn and our father had developed such a good relationship.”

“Jamie knew I was reaching out to her for help and that she was dogging me. I felt like she should have taken my side,” she added.


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