Miramax strikes spine-tingling ‘Halloween’ TV rights secured for cinematic universe expansion

Miramax has emerged victorious, securing the highly sought-after television rights to the immensely popular Halloween franchise. 

These rights, under the stewardship of Malek Akkad’s Trancas International Films, are now set to take center stage in a new and expansive television venture.

Miramax Television has successfully inked a comprehensive agreement with Trancas, marked by the development and co-production of a Halloween TV series. 

This landmark deal also encompasses a first-look arrangement for various other television projects, aimed at the global marketplace.

The upcoming Halloween series is envisioned as a strategic launchpad for what could become a sprawling cinematic universe, seamlessly integrating both film and television elements. 

Overseeing the creative direction of this franchise will be Miramax’s Head of Global TV, Marc Helwig, working in close partnership with Malek Akkad. 

Trancas, in its most recent endeavor, successfully spearheaded the production of a Halloween feature trilogy for Miramax and Blumhouse. 

Miramax’s Head of Global TV, Marc Helwig, expressed immense enthusiasm for the project, stating, “We couldn’t be more excited to bring Halloween to television. 

We are thrilled to expand our long and prosperous collaboration with Trancas and the visionary Malek Akkad as we are headed on the journey to introduce this iconic franchise to a new form of storytelling, captivating a fresh generation of fans.”

Malek Akkad, the visionary at the helm of Trancas, conveyed his excitement, saying, “Trancas International Films is extremely enthused to be expanding our long-standing relationship with Miramax, and we look forward to working with Marc Helwig and the entire team in creating this new chapter.”

The Halloween film franchise, a collection of 13 titles that commenced with the iconic 1978 original co-written and directed by John Carpenter, is centered around the chilling narrative of Michael Myers. 


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