Pete Davidson sparks backlash within his inner circle

Pete Davidson has sparked backlash within his inner circle for repeatedly using a derogatory term toward women both publicly and privately.

Speaking to the U.S. Sun, an insider expressed surprise the comic hasn’t been canceled yet for occasionally calling the women the c-word.

One of the recent instances include his heated altercation with the woman from PETA whom he berated over a leaked voicemail earlier this year.

He also hurled the insult during one of his stand-ups in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, when a woman from the audience shouted out that Pete was a “racist” over one of his jokes.

“Despite being raised by a mother- he seems to have a lot of anger towards women,” the source expressed to the outlet.

“That word is indefensible. He’s already notoriously difficult to work with, but using that word… that’s not nice, you cannot call a woman that,” they shared.

“That is called being canceled.”

The insider pointed out Davidson’s extensive row of dating A-list stars from Hollywood, adding: “It’s not something you’d expect someone to say who respects women, and certainly not a guy who dates some of the hottest women in Hollywood.”

“Using the c-word is so disgusting and so disrespectful,” they added.


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