Sophie Turner wears ‘Fearless’ attitude amidst Joe Jonas Split

Sophie Turner known for Game of Thrones is making waves on social media with a powerful fashion statement in the wake of her recent confirmation of the end of her marriage to Joe Jonas. 

In a compelling move, she took to her Instagram Stories on Sunday to share a snapshot of her ‘Fearless’ beaded bracelet.

The bracelet, adorned with the word ‘Fearless,’ has stirred speculation that it could be one of the cherished friendship bracelets exchanged during her close friendship with none other than Taylor Swift. 

This Instagram post marks a significant moment as it’s the first time Sophie Turner has graced social media since she and Joe Jonas made their joint announcement on September 6, revealing their decision to part ways. 

Priyanka Chopra caught in the middle of Joe and Sophie’s divorce 

Recent reports suggest that Priyanka Chopra, sister-in-law to Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, has found herself in a complex emotional situation following the couple’s breakup. 

According to an insider, the Citadel actress, who has been spending time in New York lately, has been deeply affected by the turn of events.

Priyanka Chopra navigates choppy waters amidst Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas breakup.
Priyanka Chopra navigates choppy waters amidst Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ breakup.

The insider revealed, “Sophie and Joe maintained separate social circles, but a few friends are now caught in the crossfire of this breakup.” 

Priyanka Chopra, in particular, is facing a challenging time dealing with the tense atmosphere. 

The source added, “She and Sophie shared a close bond,” shedding light on the close relationship the two had cultivated.

The insider further explained, “There was a time when Sophie thought that she, Joe, Nick, and Priyanka would all eventually move to London together.” 


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