Minister for Affordable Mass Transit Systems

Minister of Transport Ibrahim Hassan Murad Saturday visited the CBD headquarters and held extensive discussions on matters related to connectivity of Punjab mass transit system with the transit plans of Ruda and CBD.

He appreciated the transport and transit plans of both the authorities. He stated that due to hyperinflation, price hikes, petroleum price variations and an overall dip in economic activity the solution to public mobility is affordable and people-friendly mass transit systems. During briefing session, the contours of Ruda transit plan basing on nine precincts with extensive primary, secondary and tertiary roads network with 300 feet right of way at main nodes was elaborately explained with inclusions of transport technology, transport corridors, expected corridor densities and the rider stipulations.

Huge parking depots, freight terminals, intelligent transport system and revamping of existing railway stations in the area are one of few highlights which underscore the most modern, public friendly and sustainable transport and transit plan. The execution will be delineated through employing the latest, metro, LRT, BRT and conventional systems. On divulging upon CBD transit system, it was reiterated that it will have the most ideal connectivity with Punjab mass transit, basing upon feeder corridor, blue line and grand communication infra structure initiatives like Ghora Chowk flyover and revamping of Walton road.

The minister also proposed to have renamed/branded the Kalma Chowk metro station as CBD station with display panapolies. Chief executive officer Ruda and CBD, Imran Amin assured that both authorities will cooperated with all the allied departments of transport ministry in making the Punjab mass transit system a success in terms of its connectivity to Ruda and CBD areas and also in the realm of public friendly sustainable measures for smooth operations.

It is pertinent to note that officers from transport department, Punjab mass transit authority, Punjab transport company, Nespak, Ruda and CBD attended this joint meeting.


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