Pink jokes about ‘real mistake’ she made in her music career

Pink has an impressive music catalogue and multiple hit and award-winning songs over the course of 23 years.

Talking about career in the music industry in an interview with Los Angeles Times, the Trustfall singer, 44, reflected on what she considers her best and worst singles so far.

“Best, maybe So What or Get the Party Started?” she contemplated “So What was fun from start to finish — writing it, singing it, performing it, the video. It was part of what got Carey and I back together.”

For the ‘worst’ the singer joked that there’s “been so many.” She then dubbed 2012 song True Love featuring English singer Lily Allen as the worst.

The song among many others the Grammy-winning musician had written for her husband Carey Hart of 17 years.

“Because it’s mean. Carey’s got thick skin, but I owe him a love song,” Pink said

Shortly after answering, the singer added, “Oh wait, I did put out that SpongeBob thing. We’ve Got Scurvy? I wish I never did that. That was a real mistake.”

Pink did a comical song in 2009 contributing to the SpongeBob’s Greatest Hits album that commemorated the 10th anniversary of the series. 


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