Meghan Markle’s potential memoir release gets major update

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, who is reportedly looking for lucrative deals to sustain lavish lifestyle, but will not be releasing her potential memoir any time soon.

While there is no official announcement, the Duchess of Sussex previously hinted at her career relaunch with a return to Instagram. Meanwhile, there is also talks of a memoir following the success of Prince Harry’s Spare.

Meanwhile, they are also running out of time on their Netflix deal with 18 months left to produce another ‘stellar’ show. Despite this, PR expert has warned the couple of bad timings for the memoir.

“I would be surprised were Meghan to release an autobiography any time in the next few years,” PR expert Edward Coram-James told speculating the couple’s next move.

He continued, “You don’t release a biography when the world is arguably a little tired of hearing from you. Interest in the Sussexes is currently on the decline, and their currency has diminished this year.”

Meghan also scrapped efforts to revive her much-hyped podcast, Archetypes, last month after the deal with Spotify collapsed back in June.

“From a PR and marketing perspective, you want to wait until public interest is on the rise again before releasing principal-centric material like an autobiography,” James explained, while adding that the pair’s popularity will “rise again.”


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