Director Shawn Levy says watching NFL game with Taylor Swift was ‘almost depressing

Director Shawn

Director Shawn Levy got candid about Taylor Swift’s level of fame, which he found ‘almost depressing’ after attending the NFL game with the singer and her pals last week.

In an interview with Variety, the acclaimed director joked that he <a href="" title="<a href="">Meghan Markle“could make 50 more hit movies and shows” will “still be known as the guy in the orange suede jacket going to the Chiefs-Jets game with Taylor and others,” dubbing it as “almost depressing.”

Levy, known for directing the Stranger Things series, The Adam Project, Free Guy and the Night at the Museum franchise, and Hugh Jackman were invited by “very close friend” Ryan Reynolds to watch the NFL game at the MetLife stadium.

They watched the game from Swift’s star-studded suite alongside, Reynolds’ wife Blake Lively, Sophie Turner, Sabrina Carpenter among others.

Levy is directing the upcoming Deadpool 3 movie starring Reynolds and Jackman. “It was as simple as, ‘Wait, we can go to an NFL game with our buddies? Let’s do it,’” Levy shared.

“We had a glimmer that maybe there would be others but nothing prepared us for the frenzy of attention that was that outing.”

He noted that while watching the game was “a very fun night,” he’s never encountered fame like the 12-time Grammy winner, 33. “Taylor is definitely a culture magnet unlike anything I’ve seen,” he described.

“I think I might have said to Ryan and Blake [Lively] on the ride to the stadium, I’m like, ‘I’ve never been more conscious of being careful of what I say,’” he continued.

“Because if you’re going to a football game in a box with Taylor, you pretty much have to assume that you are on camera all the time and they’re capable of slow motion so they can definitely read lips.”

Levy then quipped. “So, I kept it clean.”


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