Pakistani porter receives frostbite treatment in Spain

 Pakistani porter Murtaza Sadpara, who had suffered from frostbite while attempting to summit Broad Peak in the Karakoram mountain range, has started receiving crucial medical treatment in Spain.

Sadpara arrived in Spain on October 1 to avail medical treatment. Murtaza is undergoing medical tests before a surgical intervention to treat the frostbite on his fingers. He has been instrumental in ferrying equipment for climbers to the highest peaks for several years. In a fateful turn of events during the second week of July this year, he found himself stranded at an altitude of 8,000 meters while attempting to summit the 11th highest peak globally, namely Broad Peak.

Austrian climber Lokus Woerle managed to escort him back to Camp 3. Subsequently, with the assistance of an American mountaineer, Murtaza was safely brought to the base camp. Recounting the harrowing ordeal, Woerle stated, “I saw Murtaza moaning in pain. His mental condition was also very poor, as he had even forgotten his name. Besides, his fingers were also severely affected.”

Murtaza was airlifted to CMH Skardu from the base camp, where medical reports were shared with Alex Txikon. The Spanish mountaineer took prompt action and arranged travel documents for Murtaza so that he could embark on the journey to Spain.


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