Idris Elba opens up about taking therapy for ‘unhealthy habits’

Idris Elba has recently opened up about going to therapy because of “unhealthy habits”.

While speaking on latest episode of the Changes with Annie Macmanus podcast, Elba confessed that he’s addicted to work which is why he decides to go to therapy last year.

“It’s not because I don’t like myself or anything like that. It’s just because I have some unhealthy habits that have really formed,” said the Beast actor.

Elba continued, “And I work in an industry that I’m rewarded for those unhealthy habits.”

The Gunman actor explained, “Nothing that’s too extreme is good, everything needs balance. But I’m rewarded massively to be a workaholic.”

“Those are pathways that I had to be like, ‘I’ve got to adjust’,” remarked Elba.

The Molly’s Game actor revealed about his downtime routine which is all about work and no rest.

“My studio in my house, I just love being in here. I’ll open that laptop and be like, ‘I don’t know what to make today,’ and it’ll come out like this or that. And I’m exhilarated by that and also so relaxed by it,” shared Elba.

The Bastille Day actor pointed out that he could “work 10 days on a film, underwater sequences holding breath for six minutes, and come back and sit in [the studio] and [feel relaxed] more so than sitting on the sofa with the family.”

“This is the part where I’ve got to normalise what makes me relaxed, it can’t be all work,” he concluded.


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