Meghan Markle, Prince Harry ‘ditch some of their celebrity friends’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly getting rid of some of their old celebrity friends whom they do not “trust” anymore.

Some relationship experts have looked into the reason why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have begun to shun their old friends, saying the couple want “tighter-inner circle.”

Hope Flynn, who is a relationship expert and the founder of FeedMeFemale, said that Meghan and Harry want an “inner circle they can confide in and trust”.

“As we grow older and under certain circumstances, it is totally normal behaviour for a married couple or for people in relationships to loose friends overtime,” she told the Mirror.

“It can be hard enough and <a href="" title="<a href="">Meghan Markleoverwhelming for individuals to maintain friendships on a day to day basis, let alone when you meet someone new and now have to give time to them on top of other life commitments. People have to prioritise and sometimes that means the friendship suffers,” the expert claimed.

 She continued: “It appears that Meghan and Harry are looking for a completely fresh start, and if this is by distancing themselves from former friends and circles then I’m sure this is a decision they’ve made based on what’s right for them.

“As Meghan and Harry’s lifestyle changes this is being reflected in their friendship group and they probably want to secure a tight knit inner circle who they can confide in and trust.”

Like her husband, Meghan has also ditched some of her former friends, including Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh. The California-based couple were also previously close to Victoria Beckham, but had reportedly become suspicious that she was leaking stories to press.

Meghan, according to relationtionship expert Louella Alderson, was leaning on her friends for support because of the “pressures she faces in her everyday life” – with Harry growing concerned over her welfare.

“Friends can often offer unique perspectives that help us see things from different angles and come up with solutions that we may not have thought of on our own,” the expert told the same outlet.

Previously, it’s reported that Harry has only ‘six pals in Britain’, with his smaller circle unwilling to challenge when he makes “bad decisions”.


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