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If you want to travel, travel with your husband,” says every desi mother. This statement has resonated with countless Pakistani girls, a dream of independent travel seeming both distant and impossible. How many times have we sat with our friends, fuelled by wanderlust, planning an entire vacation down to the last detail? Yet, more often than not, these plans never materialise beyond the confines of a group chat.

Empowering Pakistani women to travel independently isn’t just about leisure; it’s about fostering independence, self-discovery, and self-growth. It is a transformative experience, one that broadens horizons, challenges perspectives, and encourages personal development. On September 27th, World Tourism Day is celebrated all across the world. This week You! shares a guide with women in pursuing their travel dreams embracing the world as their playground, exploring its diversity and complexity with confidence and pride.


Plan your path

The first and most crucial step in embarking on your journey is to convince your family. To put their minds at ease, provide them with a comprehensive plan of your travels. Share details about your destination, how you plan to get there, and where you intend to stay. Ensure that you have your entire itinerary planned out, complete with tickets and hotel reservations. It is essential to book through authentic websites, and your family should be well-informed about your whereabouts by the minute, not just for their peace of mind but also for your security.

Having your tickets, visas (if required), and hotel bookings in physical form, apart from storing them on your phone, is imperative. In case of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies, having physical copies of these documents can be a lifesaver. Remember to keep contact information of friends and family in a written record as well.

Always stay connected

Staying connected is crucial while travelling. Ensure that your phone is always charged, and carry a backup battery pack to avoid unexpected disruptions. Additionally, having a working SIM card is vital for staying in touch with your family and friends, both for safety and to share your experiences. The city, country, region, the number of hours or days do not matter, a working SIM card is a necessity in this day and age.

Safety first!

Safety should be your top priority while travelling as a woman. It is advisable to have both concealed and visible self-defence items on you at all times. This could include pepper sprays, pocket knives, or a taser. Having at least two such items readily accessible even whilst you are asleep, are extremely pivotal, even life-saving.

Travel in a group

Travelling in a group can significantly enhance your safety and enjoyment. Fortunately, there are numerous female-led travel groups that handle the logistics for you, allowing you to focus on experiencing your journey to the fullest.


The Mad Hatters, a women-led company that facilitates both group and solo travellers in their quest to explore the world. With more than 150 tours spanning 50 destinations, the company is on a mission to traverse Pakistan – exploring its culture, lifestyle, and less-visited areas. This travel company places a strong emphasis on providing culturally rich experiences, creating safe spaces for female travellers, uncovering hidden gems, and promoting eco-friendly, sustainable tourism. Their commitment to cultural education through experiences sets them apart in the world of travel.

TRAVEL & TOURS (Pakistan) is a global travel specialist with over 10 years of experience in advising young people on holidays and adventures inland as well as abroad. They offer a holistic package which includes flights, accommodation, tours and expeditions in over 90 countries in 5 continents. The Girls Weekend Club is an exclusive platform for girls to have weekend fun and getaways, the tours range from 2 days to 9 days within Pakistan. These are perfect for a short and sweet trip with your girlfriends.

Nomadic Tours is a local company based in Hunza Valley, which offer the unique experience of women only tours led by the women of the area. A company truly for the women by the women. This encourages women of Hunza to take unconventional career paths such as leading treks and conducting tours in the heart of Karakoram. Nomadic Tours also provides local homestay to experience native lifestyle, food and culture. This is not only great exposure for the travellers but provides traditional women of Pakistan with new opportunities and learning.

Go forth! Explore with enthusiasm, curiosity and courage. Traverse the world and conquer with all your heart and might.


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