Meghan Markle caught on camera wiping tears alongside Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle could not control her emotions during the sixth day of Invictus Games as was caught on camera wiping away tears at a medal ceremony for the veterans.

The Duchess of Sussex moved to tears when the much-talked-about event came to an end with Harry putting a comforting arm around his wife as the couple displayed a united front at the competition.

The former actress was photographed teary-eyed at a moment as the crowd cheered with applause after she hugged and chatted with the winning competitors who were presented with gold medals.

The California-based couple showed a rollercoaster of emotions as Meghan cheered and joked during the captivating game before becoming tearful. While, Harry on the other hand roared and jumped for joy when the final points were scored and the match came to a close.

Harry and Meghan fully enjoyed the games and appeared to be in high spirits as the 2023 Invictus Games came to an end in Düsseldorf, Germany on Saturday.


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