Does Meghan Markle use ozempic? Duchess worries fans with thin frame

Meghan Markle has sparked conversation of her being on Ozempic after the Duchess of Sussex stepped out at Prince Harry’s Invictus Games looking rather frail.

Photos of the Duchess of Sussex at the event revealed a rather thin-looking Meghan. 

In particular, photos of the former actress’s baring her legs in a pair of shorts grabbed a lot of attention as it sparked conversation of Meghan using the drug to lose weight. 

Other photos took a closer look at the former royal’s face, which notably looked sunken with protruding veins and wrinkles. 

The drug, which is primarily used to treat diabetes, gained mainstream popularity among A-list Hollywood celebrities for its properties to enable dramatic weight loss. 

Big names like Kim Kardashian and now Meghan Markle have been called into question over using the drug to a skinny certain figure.   

Users on Twitter, now known as X, voiced their concerns for the Duchess using the drug with her latest appearance.  

“Is Meghan Markle going to ruin OZEMPIC for everyone as well??? Yikes! Those legs are hideous,” one user pointed out. 

“Is Meghan Markle on Ozempic?,” another questioned. 

“It doesn’t look anything like her. Is that the Ozempic face so many people are talking about?,” another called out. 

Meanwhile other royal fans went as far as accusing the former actress of copying her sister-in-law Kate Middleton’s fit figure. 

“Meghan Markle is likely Overdosing on a diabetic drug ( Ozempic) to get as thin as Princess Catherine,” a user fired back.


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