Steve Harvey ready to ‘hunt down’ gossipmongers following wife cheating scandal

Steve Harvey has recently expressed his annoyance over rogue staff and online trolls who spread false rumours about his marriage in trouble over wife’s cheating scandal.

According to, the Family Feud host is ready to “clean house and throw out the gossipmongers on his TV game show”.

“Steve’s reached the time of his life and career where he’d love nothing more than to take a step back,” told the source to National Examiner.

The source continued, “He’s a super hands-on workaholic who’s known to micromanage but swears it’s not by choice.”

“The trouble is when he takes his foot off the brakes all hell breaks loose — and this social media debacle is a prime example of that,” added an insider.

It is reported that Harvey was frustrated after one online user alleged that his caught his wife Marjorie having an affair with the family’s chef that led to a divorce.

Harvey disclosed that the cheating scandal was “false”.

“Steve is ready to hunt down anybody who spreads rumours about him and his family — and send them packing,” added the source.

Another source also spilled to that the two have “never been better” following this incident.


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