Dua Lipa shares tips for relationship to work

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Dua Lipa shared her top advice for a fulfilling sex life during a recent episode of her weekly podcast where she discussed intimate relationships

The 28-year-old pop sensation emphasized the importance of complete honesty between couples about their sexual needs for a relationship to thrive.

According to Dua, avoiding conversations about this topic seems “bizarre” to her, and she firmly believes that any embarrassment related to sex should be set aside.

The star, who is currently dating Romain Gavras, 42, said: ‘Not talking about sex with the person you are having sex with is a weird anomaly for me.

‘I think it’s important to normalise the conversation around sex and make it a topic that we can speak about more freely, so we can let go of the guilt and the shame that -surrounds it.’

Sharing her secret to lasting love is to find the fun in each other, she said: ‘It’s always so fun — and it goes back to that idea of keeping things fresh — to find ways to continue to be curious about your partner.

‘So much of what I read about relationships these days is about the ‘roommate phase’ where you feel like you’re living together but you’re not romantically involved any more.

During the same conversation, Dua also discussed finding love and revealed what she believes the best way to start a relationship is. 

Dua admitted she doesn’t have any time for dating apps, such as Raya and Hinge, because they can take away the spontaneity of a new romance.

Dua’s relationship with Romain appears to be going from strength to strength and she has recently been holidaying with him and her parents.

A source told MailOnline that it’s not the first time her boyfriend has met her parents.

The singer is the eldest of three children as her parents Anesa and Dukagjin also share a daughter Rina, 22, and a son Gjin, 17. 


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