Sarah Jessica Parker says she’s “upset” about Kim Cattrall’s return

Sarah Jessica Parker revealed her true feelings about the return of Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones for And Just Like That season two. The 66-year-old actress made a surprise comeback amid her feud with Sarah.

Her return as the iconic character was announced last month, much to the delight of fans. However, Sarah claimed that she was “upset” that the news had ended up leaking because she wanted it to be a surprise.

She made an appearance on Andy Cohen Live where she claimed: “[I] couldn’t have been more upset. Anyway, yeah. It’s a big bummer because it would’ve been so like fireworks in the middle, you know, and also because we want to make sure that expectations are real.”

Referring to her cameo, she added: “Like it’s a little exchange that is happy and it says everything about their relationship and all the stuff that’s off camera. Like yeah, they’re talking. They talk all the time, and it comes at a significant moment of the series so… “

A report from Variety claims that she will return as Samantha for only one scene which will be a cliffhanger and won’t show her interacting with Sarah, Kristin Davis or Cynthia Nixon.

Watch the trailer for season two of the show below:


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