Hayao Miyazaki’s last film ‘How Do You Live?’ to release without trailer, promotional campaign

Japanese animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli has made a surprising announcement regarding their upcoming film, “How Do You Live?” directed by the widely appreciated Hayao Miyazaki.

The film, set to debut in Japan on July 14, has garnered immense anticipation, yet very little is known about its plot or characters. Studio Ghibli has decided to break the traditional marketing mold by opting for a complete absence of trailers and promotional materials ahead of the release.

Described by Ghibli as a “grand fantasy” loosely inspired by Genzaburo Yoshino’s 1937 novel of the same name, “How Do You Live?” explores the emotional and philosophical growth of a young boy after the passing of his father.

With the exception of a cryptic poster released in December, Ghibli has remained tight-lipped, refraining from revealing any further details, including the plot, voice cast, or the film’s setting.

Toshio Suzuki, Ghibli’s longtime lead producer and Miyazaki’s trusted <a href="https://www.addnoral.xyz/index.php/2022/12/29/meghan-markle-warned-prince-harry-that-taking/" title="<a href="https://www.addnoral.xyz/Entertainment&News/1768/list-of-7-best-movies-on-netflix-in-2022/">Meghan Marklecollaborator, emphasized that no additional information will be disclosed before the film’s theatrical debut. Suzuki explained that the decision to forgo traditional marketing strategies stems from a desire to break away from repetitive practices and offer something unique to audiences.

This move by Ghibli aligns with the studio’s long-standing commitment to preserving the purity and magic of their works, prioritizing the immersive experience over commercial considerations.

Ghibli has historically limited the licensing and merchandise associated with their characters, aiming to avoid overexposure. Even with the opening of their theme park, the company restricted media access to ensure a more intimate and authentic encounter with nature.

Suzuki compared Ghibli’s approach to Hollywood’s conventional marketing methods, highlighting the trend of multiple trailers that often reveal the entire plot of a film. He expressed concern that such extensive pre-release exposure may dissuade potential moviegoers.

Suzuki’s intention with “How Do You Live?” is to offer the opposite experience, allowing viewers to embark on the film with a sense of wonder and intrigue.

Miyazaki’s genuine admiration for the poster inspired Suzuki, leading him to decide on a single poster as the sole promotional material. Consequently, the film will have no trailers, TV commercials, or newspaper advertisements. Suzuki believes that this unconventional strategy aligns with the latent desires of moviegoers.

As the release date approaches, fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of “How Do You Live?” while embracing Studio Ghibli’s distinctive and non-conformist marketing approach.


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