Gerard Pique new lover’s insulting nicknames for Shakira revealed

Gerard Pique’s new lover, Clara Chia Marti, calls his ex-girlfriend Shakira using insulting and offensive nicknames, as per reports.

The 23-year-old PR student and her close friends call the Waka Waka singer “old, witch and menopausal,” Marca Magazine revealed citing Spanish program Mitre Live.

“[Clara Chia] is the third wheel and there is a very important piece of information to add from her inner circle,” journalist Roberto Antolin said during the show.

“She and her friends call the singer old, witch, menopausal, that’s what they call her, and this came after they found out that the singer calls Clara ‘dead fly,’” Antolin added.

“They are fed up with this situation and that’s why they gave her those nicknames,” he added.

The journalist claimed that Marti is having a tough time ever since she was caught in the middle of the drama surrounding Shakira and Pique and claimed she is seeking psychological treatment.

“Clara Chia Marti is in the middle of psychological treatment, she is not having a good time and the constant media watch is taking its toll,” said Antolin.

“Just think that here in Spain a Japanese restaurant owner threw Clara and Pique out of his bar because he is a Shakira fan.

“Clara is a person who is not part of the media world and suddenly she got involved, she doesn’t feel at ease or comfortable,” he added.

He further mentioned that Shakira’s breakup anthems following her split from Pique in which she shaded Marti added to her tensions.

“The song was a media sensation and it didn’t sit well with her, this person has to defend herself and that’s why she and her friends gave Shakira that nickname,” said Antolin.

“Shakira and Pique towards the end were not having sexual relations, and Clara uses this to defend herself.”


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