Megan Thee Stallion edits ‘Savage’ remix on Beyoncé advice

Beyoncé featured on Megan Thee Stallion’s hit 2020 song Savage’s remix, where she requested the latter to filter some explicit verses.

During an interview with ELLE, the Houston singer revealed her collaboration with a global star for the hit song’s remix.

But the pop icon has one request, “Beyoncé was like, ‘Could you please make your verse, like, a little bit cleaner?’

“I went into my living room, and I recorded it right then. Beyoncé didn’t have to tell me twice; I sent that verse right back! But it was amazing – like, everybody knows that I am obsessed with Beyoncé, so when I got to collab, like, being from Houston with her, I was just appreciative. Like when I saw people dancing to the song, vibing to it, loving it – how many famous people [were] dancing to the song – I was like, ‘Oh my God, y’all know me.’”

The track appeared on Megan The Stallion’s third EP, Suga, launched in March 2020.

Following a month, the remix arrived, which later featured on Megan’s debut album Good News.


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