Lee Do Hyun from ‘The Glory’ discusses his concerns about acting

South Korean actor Lee Do Hyun from The Glory sat down for an interview with Esquire where he discussed his worries about acting, his new series The Good Bad Mother and more.

“I do poorly whenever I work on a project. Whenever I do a project, I cry once [out of frustration],” the actor explained when asked if there was something that he wanted to do but couldn’t achieve.

He further elaborated, “There was a time I cried because I wasn’t able to properly say my lines on set of the first filming, even after practicing until 5 a.m. the previous night. I told this story to Ra Mi Ran, and she told me, ‘In times like that, you just have to rest and not think about anything.’ That’s when I realized that grasping [my emotions] so tightly in the palm of my hand would make them explode. After hearing Ra Mi Ran’s words, I learned that I’d be able to catch [my emotions] once I loosened up and gently tried to hold them again.”


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