K-pop idol IU speaks about her chemistry with ‘Parasite’ actor Park Seo Joon

K-pop solo artist IU discusses her chemistry with her co-star Park Seo Joon in Dream and more in a new interview. The movie follows a group of people who try playing soccer for the first time for the ‘Homeless World Cup.’

“It was about four years ago when I first received the script,” the actress revealed. “At that time, I had a strong thirst for [taking on] a bright character because I had done a few dark characters with lots of backstories in a row. I couldn’t help but be attracted to the character So Min.”

Talking about her striking chemistry with her co-star, she praised the actor: “I had high expectations for filming together [with Park Seo Joon]. Park Seo Joon is a flexible and quick-witted actor. We started filming with some nervousness without having talked much in private, but it was rather comfortable once filming started. Since the relationship between So Min and Hong Dae is not so good, I think a little bit of nervousness helped.”


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