Don Lemon gets job offer from Rick Ross after CNN dismissal

Don Lemon might have lost his job at CNN but someone out there still has his back.

Rick Ross offered a job to Lemon at Wingstop, after Lemon was fired from CNN recently over the allegations of misogynistic behavior with female co-workers.

Ross turned to Instagram to tag Lemon in an Instagram story on Tuesday, in which he said that there are positions open at his Wingstop locations.

“Just found out Don Lemon was terminated from CNN. Damn, dawg,” the rapper, who reportedly owns over two dozen Wingstop restaurants across the United States, said. “But guess what? The brother’s got your back.”

“We hiring at Wingstop,” he added. “And for some reason, I believe you know what you doing with the lemon pepper wings, so man, just send over your résumé. I’mma make sure I get you in front of the right grill, brother. Stay solid, brother.”

In a second video, Ross offered Lemon another business proposition in his energy drink company, named Rap Star.

“Just came up with a wonderful idea — well, really, Don, you helped me come up with this,” he said.

 “I need to hit the team over at Rap Star Energy Drink and let ’em know we should introduce the Don Lemon flavor. What y’all think? Aye, Don, we got you brother!”

For the unaware,  Lemon was fired by CNN on Monday, with the network saying the two had “parted ways.”

The host turned to Twitter to share his shock writing he was “stunned” and that he got the news of his termination through his agent.

Lemon had worked for CNN for 17 years, his dismissal from CNN comes after a bombshell report from Variety earlier this month that accused Lemon to have a long history of misogynistic behavior toward his female coworkers.


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