Taylor Swift’s fans think she will be releasing ‘Speak Now’ next

Fans of the American singer Taylor Swift believe that she is teasing the re-release of her album Speak Now. They think that she is spelling out the album’s name with the red lettering on her shirts during the Eras tour.

Although, her fans have been claiming that Speak Now will be the next album since she released the music video for her Midnights track Bejewelled. She released the video on the 12th anniversary of Speak Now and the instrumental version of the song plays before Bejewelled.

She also wears hair clips emblazoned with the letters SN in the video, and Laura Dern’s character tells her to “speak not!” There were several more easter eggs sprinkled throughout the video though it is yet to be seen if Speak Now will be the next re-recorded album.


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