David Beckham warns Victoria ‘not to be too controlling

David Beckham has asked his wife Victoria Beckham “not to be too controlling” with their son Cruz Beckham as he launches his music career.

The former football legend has been reminding the fashion designer how her urge to control her sons resulted in the year-long feud with their first born Brooklyn Beckham.

Hence, he wants her to handle the situation carefully this time as they cannot handle losing another son, reported Closer Magazine.

An insider told the outlet that Victoria is “trying to be as involved as she can” in Cruz’s career “because she feared he would get eaten alive by the business.”

However, David has some reservations about the situation. “Since the whole Nicola and Brooklyn situation, David has advised Vic to step back,” the insider said.

“She’s done that as much as she can, but she doesn’t want to feel like she’s got it wrong again – she’s still styling Cruz, organising photo shoots, and trying to network with music people,” added the insider.

“They’ve come to a semi-formal arrangement that seems to work for now. As David tells Vic, it’s the authentic Cruz brand that will see him go far. The moment they start to mess with it is when it goes wrong.”